We cannot ignore that we live in an absolutely technological era. But, although our students are “digital natives” it is essential to implement the technology in their education so that they learn to manage it effectively and responsibly. Therefore, we work in several planes:

  • Robotics. This discipline is essential to understand how our world works and to train our students for countless emerging professions or even that do not yet exist but will be the future for them. Therefore, the Secondary courses are equipped with robotics equipment that will be used progressively in the subject of Technology, Programming and Robotics present in all courses. In addition, for those who want to have greater access to this field, we offer Robotics activity for all levels within our Extracurricular offer.
  • Digital platforms and Chromebooks. Our teaching staff is in the process of training to become experts in the Google G-Suite. This, together with the recent acquisition of 40 Chromebooks, make it possible for our students to work in a network in our classroom center. In addition, this gives us the opportunity to develop different innovative techniques, such as Flipped Classroom, work through Moodle, Work Plans, the organization of Online Cooperative Work, etc.
  • Analog technology. In addition to these innovative disciplines, we do not forget the work of analog technology so important for the work of physics and the understanding of the history of science: work with wood, motors, electrical circuits, drills, cats … All this remains important in the development of the different competences of our students.