Human team

If there’s one thing we’re especially proud of is an extraordinary team. That the Cloister and the PAS form a strong and well-organized team is essential for our students to receive the best attention, and it is something that we take into account every day.


Ana Teresa Corchero

General Director

Patricia Meseguer

Children’s Coordinator

Virginia Bolaños

Tutor 1º Infantil A

Reyes Iglesias

1st Child Tutor B

Reyes Villar

Tutor 2º Infantil A

Ángela Pérez

Tutor 2º Infantil B

Laura Hagen

Tutor 3º Infantil A

Myriam Cantalejo

Tutor 3º Infantil B


Ana Teresa Corchero

General Director

Rocío de los Reyes Yllanes

Primary Coordinator

Rocío Boza

Tutor 1º Primaria A

Ángeles Candau

Tutor 1º Primaria B|Coord. 1º Cicle

Carla León

Tutora 2º Primaria A

Isabel Mª Hernández

Tutor 2º Primaria B

Lucía de Unamuno

Tutor 3º Primary A|Coord. 2º Cicle

Iñaki Ibarrondo

Tutor 3º Primary B

Rocío Carabias

Tutor 4º Primary A

Amalia González

Tutor 4º Primary B

Mónica Valiente

Tutor 5º Primary A|Coord. 3º Cicle

Rafael Labajo

Tutor 5º Primary B

Blanca Soriano

Tutor 6º Primary A

Ana Navarro

Tutor 6º Primary B

Mª Teresa Manosalbas

Teacher of area

Ana Teresa Corchero

General Director

Patricia Meseguer

Children’s Coordinator

Virginia Bolaños

Tutor 1º Infantil A


Cristina Montero

ESO and CCFF Pedagogical Director

Mariti Béjar

Professor CCFF | Coord FCT

Laura Bernal

Tutor 1st Act.Com. | Coord FP Dual

Mª José Arjona

1st Management Adm. Tutor

Davinia Ramos

2nd Adm Management Tutor.

Mª Teresa Carrión

Tutor 2º Act. Com.

Luisa Fda. Fedriani

CCFF counselor and teacher

Tomás Mejías

Teacher CCFF

Sonia Navajas

Teacher CCFF


Cristina Montero

ESO AND CCFF Pedagogical Director

Antonio Rodríguez

Head of Studies

Ángela Amigo

Tutor 1º ESO A

Juan Manuel Pedreño

Tutor 1º ESO B

Rosa Sánchez

Tutor 2º ESO A

Tomás Mejías

Tutor 2º ESO B

Beatriz Blesa

Tutor 3º ESO A

Guadalupe Calzado

Tutor 3º ESO B

Luciano Saldaña

Tutor 4º ESO A

Fernando González

Tutor 4º ESO B

Andrés Aguilar

Teacher ESO

Davinia Ramos

Teacher ESO

Rafael Gómez

Teacher ESO

Álvaro Heras

Teacher ESO

We organize according to the following scheme:

    • Chairwoman: Elena Cerdeiras (I.B.V.M.)
    • Pedagogical Area: Mª Teresa Clemente Iglesias
    • Economic Area: Juan Carlos González Ballesteros
    • Legal-Labor Area:José Luis Moreno Arredondo
    • Human Resources and Communication: Sacramento Hernández Cáceres
    • Pastoral Area: Marcos Aguilar Liso
    • Elena Cerdeiras (I.B.V.M.)
    • General and pedagogical direction of Infant and Primary: Ana Teresa Corchero
    • Deputy Direction and Pedagogical Direction of Secondary and CCFF: Cristina Montero Medialdea.
    • Child Coordinator:Patricia Meseguer Rojas.
    • Primary Coordinator:Rocío Reyes Yllanes Suárez.
    • Head of ESO Studies: Antonio Rodríguez Marín.
    • Pastoral Coordinator: Amalia González Alfaro.
  1. GUIDANCE: Luisa Fda. Fedriani Parias
  2. ADMINISTRATION: Rocío Navarro Gómez.
  3. SECRETARY: María Hernández Martínez.
  4. You can consult the complete organization chart of our center’s functions in the following link.